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Arya Samaj Marriage Ritual & Ceremony

Once you have completed all the formalities of Documents, then your marriage will be solemnized by our Priest of the Arya Samaj Temple by reciting Mantras according to the Vedic Scriptures and Hindu Rituals and Traditions. After solemnizing the marriage we will provide you with the “Legal Arya Samaj Certificate of Marriage”.

How Arya Samaj Marriage is different from traditional Hindu Marriage?
Arya Samaj Marriage is not different from traditional Hindu Marriage, and people that the marriages at Arya Samaj Mandir are performed very similar to that of Hinduism. the only differenceis that in the marriage ceremony ancient Pandits use lot of verses from Vedas along with other verses from scriptures, while the founder of Arya Samaj, Maharish Dayananda has described marriage ceremony verses recitation purely from Vedas.

The marriage rituals and ceremony at our Arya Samaj Mandir perform are as follows
- Havan,
- Godan,
- Kanyadan,
- Shila Arohan,
- lazahom (fere) Saptapadi,
- Hridaya Sparsh,
- Sindoor,
- Mangal sutra etc.

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Arya Marriage Validation Act XIX of 1937
Arya Samaj mandir marriage ceremony is conducted according to Arya Marriage Validation Act XIX of 1937.In Arya samaj mandir marriage, the pooja is not performed.Because the Samaj doesn't believe in idol worship. Only fire and other things are the only witnesses to the marriage ceremony. THE CERTIFICATE ISSUED IS LEGAL AND COMPLETELY VALID.