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The Documents Require for Arya Samaj Marriage

The documents requied for Arya Samaj Marriage are not a big list of documents but documents every body has like Age Proof, Residence Proof, Affidavit, Passport size Photoggraphs of both Bride and Groom. Apart from said documents, two witnesses are also required. If any party is divorced then divorced paper is must. Documents as a Age Proof - Matriculation Certificate / Passport / Birth Certificate is sufficient

  1. Age Proof

  2. Age Proof of both Bride and Goom are necessary.
    Boy should be minimum 21 years old, max age limit does not matter
    Girl should be minimum 18 years old, max age limit does not matter
    You may produce any of the following document as a ID Proof
    - Matriculation certificate
    - Passport
    - Driving License
    - PAN Card
    - Birth Certificate (issued by Govt. Deptt.)
    - Voter ID Card
    - Ration Card
    - College ID Card

  3. Residence Proof

  4. You may produce any of the following document as a Residence Proof
    - Voter ID Card
    - Ration Card
    - Passport
    - Driving License
    - Bank Passbook
    - Phone or Electricity Bill
    - Domicile issued by Proper Govt. Office
    - Voter ID Card of Father or Mother
    - College ID Card or Service ID Card with Address Proof
    - Rent Agreement

  5. Photographs of Bride and Groom

  6. Girl: Five Passport size Latest Photograph
    Boy: Five Passport size Latest Photographs
    Note: In case of Muslim and Christian:
    7 Passport size Latest Photographs are required

  7. Witness for Marriage

  8. Total Two Wintesses are required
    Documents of Wintness required:
    - ID Proof
    - Address Proof
    - One Passport size photograph of each wintness

  9. Affidavit of Bride & Groom

  10. Affidavit of both Bride and Groom are required
    (Affidavits related works will be prepared by us at Mandir only, you do not need to bring any affidavits)

    - Affidavit Format for BOY
    - Affidavit Format for GIRL
    - Affidavit Format for CONVESRION (Only if you have changed Religion)
    - Affidavit Format for AGE (Only if you do not have Age Proof)

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Arya Marriage Validation Act XIX of 1937
Arya Samaj mandir marriage ceremony is conducted according to Arya Marriage Validation Act XIX of 1937.In Arya samaj mandir marriage, the pooja is not performed.Because the Samaj doesn't believe in idol worship. Only fire and other things are the only witnesses to the marriage ceremony. THE CERTIFICATE ISSUED IS LEGAL AND COMPLETELY VALID.